environmental photo activist

I dedicate my work to environmental, humanitarian and animal causes.

Photography has an extraordinary power to communicate messages of social and environmental significance, and so cameras with a heart and a mind can contribute something positive to the world, just like Ansel Adams used his photographs to fight for new parks and wilderness areas. This is why supporting not-for-profit organisations is the most meaningful part of my work, as they often need compelling imagery to inform, inspire and catalyse concrete actions.

I work on documentary photography projects (currently zooming in on food waste), as well as editorial assignments, however I do occasionally undertake other types of photographic assignments - if you like the way I see the world around through the lens do not hesitate to get in touch.

My mission is to produce work with a fundamental value that goes beyond the mere beauty of an image; images infused with a sense of purpose; images that can be used as pictorial calls to action; images that make visual justice, mould perceptions, call on principles, inspire, and ultimately make a change.


I am a visual peacemaker and tread lightly on the planet.
Read my Ethical and Environmental Policy.